Quality Assurance

Boherbs sticks to prepare and process herbs, following crop conventional planting and growth. To guarantee that we can supply active ingredients from plants for our customers all along.


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Boherbs believes that detection and analysis are really important for herb planting and processing, we have penetrated detection and analysis in every part. For herbs' planting, Boherbs accords to GAP guidelinces, detections, analysis and records should be finished within different growth periods. For herbs' processing, Boherbs accords to GMP guidlinces, detections, analysis and records should be done within herbs' production processing.


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Boherbs ensures every mass production quality---Safty &Validity & Uniformity. And keeps detection and analysis penetrating every link in planting and production process. Boherbs makes sure every batch product quality pass validation of the enterprise internal laboratory testing, third-party laboratory testing, as well as customer evaluation.

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Testing &Analysis

Identificatioin TLC

Physical Tests

Loss on drying, ash, density, solubility

Active Ingredients



Solvent Residue


Heavy Metals

Pb, As, Hg, Cd

Pesticides Residue

EU Limits

SO2, Aflatoxins, ect.

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Quality Standard

Organic Standard

Pesticides Free, GMO-Free,Non-Irradiation

EU Standard

Pesticides & Heavy Metals up to EUlimits,GMO-Free, Non-Irradiation

National Standard

Up to Quarantine Inspection

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Testing & Analysis 

Testing & Analysis done in every procedure of cultivation & production

In-house Lab Testing

Third-Party Lab Testing

Customer Evaluation