Chrysanthemum Flowers Certified Organic

  • Chrysanthemum Flowers Certified Organic Factory
  • Chrysanthemum Flowers Certified Organic Factory
  • Chrysanthemum Flowers Certified Organic Factory
  • Chrysanthemum Flowers Certified Organic Factory
  • Chrysanthemum Flowers Certified Organic Factory
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Chrysanthemum Flowers Certified Organic
  • Boherbs
  • EU Organic, USDA Organic (NOP)
  • 7-10 Days
  • Wholesaling

1. Organic Chrysanthemum Quality : USDA Organic (NOP) & EU Organic.
2. Organic Chrysanthemum farm in Shangdong, far away from the pollution.
3. Artificial picking, hand screening, the quality is more pure.
4. Main usages of Organic Chrysanthemum : tea, cosmetics raw material, chrysanthemum extraction for supplement.
5. Chrysanthemum Flower always exported to Canada and America cosmetic company.
6. Visit Organic Chrysanthemum Flower Farm:

Chrysanthemum Buds

Common Name:

Chrysanthemum Flowers Certified Organic

Botanical Name:

Chrysanthemum morifolium Ramat.

Latin Name:

Chrysanthemi Flos

Pinyin Name:

Ju Hua

Plant Part Used:


Quality Standard:

 EU Organic, USDA Organic (NOP)


Whole Flower/Flower Bud

Harvesting and Collection:

Collected in late autumn and early winter.

Color: White-Yellow and yellow of organic chrysanthemum.

Taste: Fragrant

Applications of Organic Chrysanthemum

  • Good for eyes

  • Clear heat

  • Remove toxic substance

  • Disperse wind-heat

Chrysanthemum Flower

Sample: Free samples 50-100g

Sample Cost: Freight collected or paid by customer 

Sample Delivery Time: 3-5 working days.

Organic Chrysanthemum

What's the dfifference of chrysanthemum buds and chrysantheum flowers?

  • Harvest time is different, chrysanthemum buds are harvested before the flower opens.

  • The active ingredeints content, chrysanthemum buds are higher than chrysanthemum flowers.

  • As tea, the tea soup color chrysanthemum buds tea are more bright.

  • As the flower shape, the chrysanthemum flower whole are more beautiful. 

Chrysanthemum Buds


Packaging Details:

Sample order: 500g or 1kg plastic bag inside ,outside carton box/envelope

Bulk order: 10-25kg/carton(inside plastic bag,outside carton box)

Payment Terms: T/T, L/C

Storage Condition: Cool & Dry Place

Chrysanthemum Flower

Active Ingredients:     

Organic  chrysanthemum contains chlorogenic acid, isochlorogenic acid, ginnol.


OEM: Teabag cut, Recipe tea, chrysanthemun powder are available.


Organic Chrysanthemum



Organic Chrysanthemum Flower is collected in October and November.

Boherbs’ wild-growing farm, promotes the use of natural materials and traditional methods for growing without using chemicals or artificial fertilizers, which are harmful to both our health and the environment. 

We aim to show people around the world that organic farming methods can be profitable as well as healthy.


Visit our organic farm, please click here

Chrysanthemum Buds

Why choose us?

  • Self-owned farm with the first hand crop

  • New Crop whthin 1 year

  • Dried in sun naturally and labor select the foreign matters

  • Factory lab and the-third party lab(SGS, Euro-fins) test pesticides recidues 

  • Over 20 years' experience of supplying the herbs to worldwide customers

Chrysanthemum Flower

Organic Certificate (EU)
Organic Certificate (EU)
Organic Certificate (USDA, NOP)
Organic Certificate (USDA, NOP)
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