Long history of ginseng root cultivation


Ginseng is distributed in China, Russia and North Korea. The Changbai Mountains in northeastern China and its extension area are the main producing areas of ginseng root. The ginseng root in this area has a large output and good quality, which is called Changbai Mountain ginseng.


At present, wild ginseng root in Changbai Mountain area has basically disappeared, and the commodity is mainly cultivated ginseng root. The Changbai Mountain area has a long history of ginseng root cultivation and mature production and processing technology. According to different processing methods, there are three types of white ginseng, red ginseng and vigorous ginseng. Generally speaking, ginseng root refers to white ginseng.


Ginseng Root

Ginseng root has a long growth cycle and high requirements on the environment, which makes it difficult to guarantee its resources and quality. Ginseng in Changbai Mountain has always been able to maintain stable resources and quality. This is mainly due to the excellent natural environment and mature production and processing technology in Changbai Mountain.


The cool, moist and fertile humus soil layer and scattered sunlight in Changbai Mountain forest provide unique conditions for the growth of ginseng. The temperature, moisture, vegetation, slope, soil and other natural conditions in Changbai Mountains are very suitable for the growth of ginseng root.

The cultivation of ginseng root in the Changbai Mountain area began in the Qing Dynasty. People in the Changbai Mountain area continued to summarize and improve in the long-term production history, and slowly explored a complete set of ginseng root cultivation, management, and processing techniques, which not only guaranteed the sustainability of ginseng resources, but also ensured the quality of ginseng root is stable.


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