The Functions of Schisandra


Schisandra is a common Chinese medicine, which has a good excitatory effect on the nervous system center after taking it.

Taking schisandra fruit soaked in water every day can effectively treat cough and phlegm, and it can also lower blood pressure. It also has a good protective effect on liver cells.

The functions of schisandra

1. Protect the liver. Schisandra also has the effect of increasing the detoxification ability of the liver, making the body healthier.

2.Containing the lungs and relieving cough.The schisandrin contained in schisandra fruit has a good effect of stimulating breathing. In addition, schisandra contains certain acidic ingredients, which can effectively eliminate phlegm and relieve cough after entering the body. It can also effectively treat chronic bronchitis.


3.Sedative effect: The effect in the body is similar to that of Valium, so it can have analgesic and muscle relaxation effects.

4.Treat cardiovascular diseases, effectively improve myocardial function and nutrition.

5.Some substances contained in schisandra berry have a good antioxidant effect after entering the body.

6. Improve the body's immunity. 

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