The Benefits and Effects of Sweet Osmanthus Flower Tea


1. Cough and phlegm.

The function of Osmanthus Flower is to stop cough and phlegm. Drinking tea with golden osmanthus is good for the throat, moistening it and improving the symptoms of coughing caused by phlegm. In summer, the weather is very hot, so it is easy to have a dry and swollen sore throat. Drinking tea with golden osmanthus can clear the heat and moisten the throat, playing an auxiliary role in treatment.


2. Warms the stomach and relieves pain

Sweet Osmanthus Flower tea can also warm the stomach and is usually consumed with black tea. Dried osmanthus flower tea can warm the middle of the body and disperse cold, which is very effective for stomach cold and stomach pain. When your stomach is aching from the cold, you can drink some sweet osmanthus tea, which will warm your stomach and relieve the pain. When the weather is cold in winter, a cup of Osmanthus Flower tea can also warm the middle and disperse the cold, which is more beneficial to your body.

Osmanthus Flower

3. Removes bad breath

Dried Osmanthus Flower has a strong aroma, and the tea contains tea polyphenols that can dissolve fat and remove peculiar smell from the mouth. Therefore, people with bad breath can often drink some dried osmanthus flower tea to freshen their breath. After eating smelly foods such as durian and garlic, you can also drink a cup of tea to refresh your mind.


4. Refreshing

Osmanthus flower tea has a strong floral scent which can soothe you and calm your nervousness when you smell it. Drinking sweet osmanthus flower tea can balance the nervous system and refresh the mind. When we are tired of working, a cup of osmanthus tea can make us more energetic.

Sweet Osmanthus Flower

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