The cultivation and harvest ginseng root


Most ginseng root matures in 4-6 years, the quality and saponin content of ginseng root will increase with age, 4-6 years is the best. Generally, from September to October, the stems and leaves of ginseng have begun to turn yellow. If it is too early or too late, it will affect the quality and yield of organic ginseng root.


Ginseng Root

Half a month before picking, the ginseng root shed must be dismantled, and the leaves must be taken off without hurting the rhizomes. After picking, the soil on the surface should be shaken off, put into baskets, and graded according to different qualities.

In general, the best picking season is the end of August, which is mid-September. In the process of picking, use rubber to separate the root of ginseng , and then dig it out slowly, or throw it deeply, but in the process of throwing, it must not hurt its root, because once the main root is broken, then Its value will be greatly reduced.


Use wooden racks and frames to transport to the processing plant, it is best to wash while processing, avoid sun exposure and rain soaking, if there is too much ginseng root, it will cause the ginseng root to rot and affect the processing quality. Timely picking plays a very important role in improving the yield and quality of ginseng root.

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